An investigation into the alleged activities of the person known as Stakeknife
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Victims & families
 We are determined to lead a comprehensive and thorough investigation into the offences for the victims and their families. We undertake to pursue every line of enquiry and promise a commitment to trying to search for the truth.

We realise the very announcement of this investigation will cause pain and bring back terribly sad memories. It must be extremely hard to have listened to various commentaries within the community and the media about how and why their loved ones died.  We hope this investigation ultimately addresses the uncertainties and rumours.

Code of Practice for victims

If you have been a victim of a crime, or you lose a loved one through crime, you may come into contact with a number of different organisations and people who work in the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland.

This code of practice describes how you can expect to be treated by the criminal justice agencies and voluntary-sector support organisations – Victim Support Northern Ireland (VSNI) and theVictims and Survivors Service (as detailed below).

Each organisation wants to make sure that you receive relevant information and support, and they will treat you with dignity, respect and sensitivity.

Victims and Survivors Service

The Victims and Survivors Service (VSS) was established in April 2012 to provide support and services for all victims and survivors of the Troubles/Conflict.  It is the delivery body named in the 10-year Strategy for Victims and Survivors published by the Executive Office (formerly the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister - OFMDFM) in 2009. 

Specifically, the VSS is responsible for providing support to victims and survivors through two Programmes, which are funded by the Executive Office:

i. The Individual Needs Programme (INP), which delivers financial support and direct access to goods and services to individual victims and survivors in certain circumstances.

ii. The Victims Support Programme (VSP), which delivers funding to organisations across Northern Ireland, to provide Health and Wellbeing and Social Support services to victims and survivors.

The VSS works to provide safe, effective, and accessible support and care which places victims and survivors at the centre of our services.

We operate a needs-based approach to allocating resources and defining services, ensuring the highest standard of service provision for those in need, and striving to measure outcomes associated with this allocation of resources and services.