An investigation into the alleged activities of the person known as Stakeknife
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The investigation
Operation Kenova is investigating complex and serious crimes that occurred historically in Northern Ireland.

The types of crime include, murder, kidnap, torture, perjury and offences involving malfeasance in public office. The full scope of offences is still developing and all offences that are included within the terms of reference are supported by the Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) decision log. There is also a robust review process to ensure every investigation is re-assessed should new information emerge.

There are established protocols and procedures within policing which support investigations of this nature and size. Operation Kenova will adhere to these procedures and works with a Major Incident Room (MIR) utilising the Home Office Large Major Enquiry System (HOLMES ) database.

To date Operation Kenova has already gathered more than 500,000 pages of information. It is anticipated that figure will rise to over one million by the end of the investigation. 

The processes and operational guidelines are available within the Major Incident Room Standardised Administrative Procedures (MIRSAP) Manual.